Spice up your next event in what is – literally – the coolest bar in Berlin: the Icebar! Discover a world of ice in the heart of Berlin, just a few short minutes from Alexanderplatz.Inspired by the 1896 German polar expedition to Greenland, the Ice Bar embodies the story of the Hansa crew who encountered pack ice and got stuck just one month after leaving Bremerhaven. As the ice crushed the boat, the crew abandoned ship and sought shelter on an ice floe, where they had limited supplies and were under threat from polar bears. The surviving crew did not make it back to shore until a year later.

The Icebar has two rooms that will be at your disposal. The warm tavern-style bar, which takes you back to the time when the Hansa crew left Germany, and the cold ice bar, which is kept at a constant -10 °C and replicates the temperatures the crew had to endure.

Built from 69 tonnes of ice, the Icebar is decorated with stunning ice sculptures and even the glasses you drink from are made of ice. Don’t fred! You will be equipped with special warm clothing to brave the cold.
Experience what it’s like to be stranded in the Arctic and rent this unique venue exclusively for your event and be prepared for an experience that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.


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Capacity with catering:
100 people inside
Capacity with drinks only:
120 people inside
Outdoor area:
icy and unique / cool and cool
ICE BAR - won't get cooler